The Artist

Helene is a renowned singer from Norway, famous for her magical and unique voice. Helene grew up by the fjords and the mountains in the south of Norway, and her music is inspired by the ocean and the Nordic landscape. Helene is often called the “Voice of the North”.

She has spent the last year writing and creating new music together with Norwegian composer Sindre Hotvedt. So far, five new songs have been produced; Vega, Vegvisir, All the Light, The Prayer of Saint Francis, and I Sing.

The title for the project comes from an old Norse symbol called Vegvisir, which was intended to help people find their way through storm and rough weather.

The Music

These new songs are part of the project called Vegvisir. Helene uses elements of folk and traditional music, and a mix of old Norse language and verses in her songs to reflect her musical identity – and cultural roots.

Helene´s main goal is to spread light through her music. The songs on Vegvisir was written during the pandemic, and the ambition was to create music which gives the energy of hope – and light, in times of difficulties and personal hardships.


Songs by Helene Bøksle & Sindre Hotvedt
Lyrics by Helene with the use of old ancient prayers and Norse verses.
Musicians: Helene, Sindre Hotvedt (Piano), Jonas Kilmork Vemoy (Choir, percussion & trumpet), Tora Therese Waaler Wærvågen (Violin), Tove Margrethe Erikstad (Cello) and Gunhild L. Nordahl (Viola)
Orchestra: Fames symphonic orchestra, Macedonia
Sound engineer: Per Espen Ursfjord (Mix and mastering)
Produced by Helene Bøksle and Sindre Hotvedt
The vocals were recorded in an old church on the island of Hidra in southern Norway.

Music videos have been completed at various locations throughout Norway: Hidra, Lofoten islands and Mesna.


All The Light


Mockingbird Music
Oslo, Norway
+47 913 84 213

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