The Voice of the North

Norwegian artist Helene Bøksle is one of the leading singers in Norway. Helene is known for her spellbinding and captivating voice. She grew up by the fjords and the mountains in the south of Norway, and her music is inspired by the Nordic landscape and culture, and traditional folk music. Helene uses her unique voice to create her own sound and music.

Helene has released six albums, and contributed on a number of recordings with bands and musicians such as Secret Garden, David Urwitz, Jens Gundersen og Staut – as well as the music for the online-game “Age of Conan”, nominated to Hollywood Music Awards.

Most recently, Helene was part of creating the soundtrack of the Norwegian motion picture, “Birkebeinerne” (2016) – an ancient story about the Christening of Norway. Helene has also contributed with her voice on the Hollywood motion picture ”The Mermaid Chair” in 2006, and on the new edition of the Norwegian classic ”Reisen til julestjernen” (2012).



Helenes debut album ”Elverhøy” (Where the Elfes dances) received rave reviews
when released in 2006 by Universal Music.

On her second album ”Morild”  (Phosphorescence) she collaborated with the
Scandinavian folk-band, Baltic Crossing. Released by Universal Music in 2009.

Her biggest selling album was released the same year – ”Det hev ei rose sprunge”
(A rose has sprung)– a Christmas-album, which was recorded in
Lommedalen Church in Oslo, Norway. This album became an instant hit, and was described
as ”probably the best Christmas album ever”.

In August 2013 Helene released her new soloalbum, ”Svalbard” on her own label.
The album is inspired by the fragile and beautiful nature of the island Svalbard.

In 2015 Helene released a children album, called “Godnatt min skatt” compiled by classical children songs, along with new written songs by Helene. 

In the spring of 2016 Helene came out with her latest album, “Sanger fra vår ø” –
(Songs from our Island) an album in which she goes back to her roots, to the rugged coastal areas of Norway and old folklore traditions.